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Lora has been dedicated to creating safe and sustainable trails for all trail users since 1989. She has worked in many natural resource roles including conservation, maintenance and served twenty-five years as a law enforcement ranger. She is one of the few equestrian trail experts with extensive knowledge and understanding of recreational equestrian trail rider needs, coupled with proven hands-on experience relating to:

  • best practice horse keeping

  • community involvement

  • enforcement issues and strategies

  • equestrian needs

  • equine behavior

  • mounted patrol operations

  • multiuse trail issues and conflict resolution

  • natural resource management

  • programming

  • trail standards, planning and maintenance in natural areas

  • trail riding

  • trail use patterns

  • volunteerism


In addition to time in the field, she earned a Bachelor of Science in environmental studies/resource management and an associate degree in equestrian studies.

Work, education and personal experience have woven together seamlessly to create a uniquely qualified, neutral horse trail expert and consultant.


After realizing the complex disconnects that exist between equestrians, park personnel and other user groups, Lora created an educational program with the goal of creating safer trails and a better understanding of recreational equestrian trail riders and their simple, yet unique needs.


She has helped park agencies across the country and has instructed at international, national and state, park conferences, including:

National Parks and Recreation

Atlanta, Georgia 2011


Ohio Parks and Recreation Conference

Columbus, Ohio 2012

American Trails International Symposium

Portland, Oregon 2015
Syracuse, New York 2019

The Park Ranger Institute

North Carolina 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2020, (2021 cancelled due to Covid), January 2022, April 2022, March 2023 and upcoming in March 2024. Additionally, Lora has served on the Board of Directors for The Park Ranger Institute since 2015.


COSA (Colorado Open Space Alliance) Vail, Colorado 2020

(Cancelled due to Covid)


DSC_7407_1574008972857 (1)_edited.jpg

Lora has been a trail rider and horse owner since 1986 and has ridden, started and re-schooled many different breeds in multiple disciplines. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, writing, trail riding, cycling, kayaking, hiking, camping with and without horses, cross-country skiing and creating customized horsehair keepsakes. Her lofty goals include cycling every rail-trail in the United States and completing a thru hike or horseback ride.  Current trail mounts are a Tennessee Walker gelding and a Morgan sport-horse gelding.

Ride 2001.jpg
Photo by Art Weber
2001 Ranger Led Trail ride - Oak Openings Preserve

Specialized Training & Experience

Blazing Trails for Change

Bullet Proof Mind - Lt. Dave Grossman

Carpentry - finished and rough
Community Policing Through Environmental Design - CPTED
Conflict Resolution
Diversity and Inclusion
Facilities and Grounds Maintenance 1989-present
Firearms and Qualification (25 years)
Husqvarna 32-hour chainsaw training (bucking, limbing, felling)
Horse Keeping 
International Police Mountain Bike Assocation Training x2 (IPMBA)
Mounted Police Colloquium
Native Prairie Management (since 1992)
Ohio Police Officer Training Academy
OSHA 10 hour
Pesticide Applicator
Prescribed Burning
Special Event Planning

Sustainable Trail Design & Trail System Management

Trail Audits for Horse Trails
Trail Maintenance since 1989-present

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