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Services - Areas of Expertise

Relying solely on equestrian clubs and trail riders for input and guidance regarding trail matters, amenities, facility planning, or maintenance can often create unintended risk for agencies, other trail users and equestrians.  

Not sure whether to include or keep existing equestrian trails open?

Need oversight sifting through and prioritizing requests and complaints?

Does rider misconduct need to be reined in?

Do you have ongoing, unresolved conflict between different user groups?

I can help...

Advisory Committee Guidance

Community Involvement - education, enforcement.
Equestrian Needs on Trails - support facilities, enforcement, signage.
Equestrian Inclusion - compatibility with other users, use patterns, impact, conflicts.
Equine Behavior - how it affects trail rider experience and interactions with other trail users. 
Facility Planning - primitive to elaborate.
Law Enforcement Issues and Strategies - identifying and reining in rider misconduct on trails.
Litigation/Expert Testimony 
Maintenance Expectations/Issues - trail alignment, hazards, user experience, long/short term. 
Mediation with Equestrians - identify, build, resolve.

Mounted Patrol Operations - creating, implementing, managing, on site audits.

Mounted Volunteer Operations - creating, implementing, managing, on site audits.
Multi-Use Conflict Resolution - identify conflict then create mitigation strategies. 

Park Rules & Regulations - review current rules, create new if needed (with agency legal team)
Trail Auditing - on site
Trail Planning - new trails or current

Training - on site presentation "No Conflict Equestrian Trials"
Volunteers - parameters, oversight and guidelines

Of all trail types, horse trails can be the least costly to create and maintain, yet they are the least common of all trail types; less than ten percent of all trails are designated for equestrian use.  Whether you have existing trails or are considering including this unique user group in future opportunities, I can help your agency create sustainable strategies that will benefit equestrians, other park visitors and natural areas.  

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