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Services - Areas of Expertise

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Advisory Committee Guidance

Community Involvement - education, enforcement.

Concessionaire audits, contract language review and development.
Equestrian Needs on Trails - support facilities, enforcement, signage.
Equestrian Inclusion - compatibility with other users, use patterns, impact, conflicts.
Equine Behavior - how it affects trail rider experience and interactions with other trail users. 
Facility Planning
 Oversight - primitive to elaborate.

Impact Statements - addressing a host of issues.
Law Enforcement Issues and Strategies - identifying and reining in rider misconduct on trails.

Letters of Interest/Concern
Litigation/Expert Testimony 
Maintenance Expectations/Issues - trail alignment, hazards, user experience, long/short term. 
Mediation with Equestrians - identify, build, resolve.

Mounted Patrol Operations - creating, implementing, managing, on site audits.

Mounted Volunteer Operations - creating, implementing, managing, on site audits.
Multi-Use Conflict Resolution - identify conflict then create mitigation strategies. 

Rules & Regulations - review current rules, create new if needed (with agency legal team)
Trail Auditing - on site
Trail Planning - new trails or current

Training - on site presentation "No Conflict Equestrian Trials"
Volunteers - standards, oversight and guidelines

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