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Services - Areas of Expertise

Staff Training
at your facility or training conference

Let’s talk horse trails! Understanding the nuances and needs of recreational equestrian trail riders promotes safer trails with fewer conflicts, less maintenance, and more positive experiences. We start by traveling back in time (briefly) to explore the role of horses throughout history. Then, we will delve into the unique needs and challenges of horse and rider on trails; multi-use trail conflicts; volunteer standards and expectations; long and short-term maintenance and enforcement strategies.


Training typically lasts from two to three hours depending on the number of participants and discussion during and after the presentation. This class was created for all park personnel who wish to have a better understanding of recreational equestrian trails on public land.

Letter of Concern

Individualized content intended to formally address pressing issues. Subjects might include: a trail(s) that is in jeopardy of being closed or combined with another use; has critical safety issues; or is in need of appropriate signage, maintenance, or basic amenities. Letters are created to meet the needs of the client and the issue at hand.

Impact Statements

Individualized reports will contain important considerations relating to safety, trail tread integrity, sustainability, and use patterns. The information can be used as a reference to help guide decision-making processes but typically will not contain judgments either for or against an issue. The final report will be sent to you as a hard copy - four copies will be included. To protect authenticity, I do not send reports via email.


Onsite visits can be coordinated for an additional fee.

Trail Audits

Coming soon!

I can help...

Advisory Committee Guidance

Community Involvement - education, enforcement.

Concessionaire audits, contract language review and development.
Equestrian Needs on Trails - support facilities, enforcement, signage.
Equestrian Inclusion - compatibility with other users, use patterns, impact, conflicts.
Equine Behavior - how it affects trail rider experience and interactions with other trail users. 
Facility Planning
 Oversight - primitive to elaborate.

Impact Statements - addressing a host of issues.
Law Enforcement Issues and Strategies - identifying and reining in rider misconduct on trails.

Letters of Interest/Concern
Litigation/Expert Testimony 
Maintenance Expectations/Issues - trail alignment, hazards, user experience, long/short term. 
Mediation with Equestrians - identify, build, resolve.

Mounted Patrol Operations - creating, implementing, managing, on site audits.

Mounted Volunteer Operations - creating, implementing, managing, on site audits.
Multi-Use Conflict Resolution - identify conflict then create mitigation strategies. 

Rules & Regulations - review current rules, create new if needed (with agency legal team)
Trail Auditing - on site
Trail Planning - new trails or current

Training - on site presentation "No Conflict Equestrian Trials"
Volunteers - standards, oversight and guidelines

For more information on services, to discuss fee structures, and to arrange a project... send us an email! 
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