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The deposit paid at checkout is the trainer fee which secures your training date. Travel charges including airfare, rental car, road tolls, overnight accommodations, mileage and meals will be charged to the agency requesting training and will be billed separately. Receipts can be provided upon request. 

In the event an agency cancellation occurs, and the trainer has already incurred air travel, hotel, and/or rental car expenses, ET&FC will not issue a deposit refund. Every effort will be made by ET&FC to reschedule. The agency will also be billed for any additional travel expenses in excess of the trainer deposit fee that was already paid, to cover flight change fees, hotel and rental car cancellation fees as a result of the cancelled training)

 In the event that ET&FC must cancel a training appointment, and rescheduling is not possible, a full refund will be issued to the agency. 

Please email with any questions or concerns before submitting a deposit payment. 

Additional Charges

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