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Horse Clubs & Trail Mileage Reports

Aside from a feather in the cap to the high-mileage riders*, horse riding club's annual trail mile tallies offer limited valuable data. These trail statistics do not represent trail riders as a whole - because not all trail riders document and submit trail miles. Additionally, not all trail riders belong to equestrian clubs/organizations which means mileage totals are exclusive to the reporting club's membership. When context is omitted, erroneous high or low mileage rankings can be easily misconstrued by other users and park personnel, in turn, negatively impacting equestrian trail riding opportunities. Tracking mileage isn’t the issue per se, indiscriminately sharing incomplete data is.  

 Other than individual rider recognition,

1. What is the data collection goal?

2. What is the data sharing goal?

3. Why is the data relevant?

4. How might the data contribute to trail exclusion?

5. Will the statistics contribute to better trails or future inclusion opportunities?  How?

6. What factors contribute to artificially high or low numbers?

7. Is there a more accurate, inclusive and comprehensive way to collect data?

*This information is not about the accomplishments of trail riders* If you have any questions or need clarification on the intent or purpose of this, please reach out.

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